Taapsee says Tollywood spoiled her

pandam kollu movie Stills, tapsee in pandam kollu movie photos, pandam kollu movie photos, pandam kollu movie images, pandam kollu movieThis might shock many in Tollywood, but its true. This is said by none other than Taapsee Pannu herself. But wait, its all on a lighter note. But still if you want to know what exactly made Taapsee make such stunning comments, read the story.

Taapsee after scoring good marks for her cameo in Akshay Kumar’s recent flick “Baby”, is now said to be getting little busy with more offers in Bollywood. While speaking to the media recently, Taapsee made some shocking comments about Tollywood. Taapsee said in Tollywood everyone treats heroine like a queen. The moment they step out of their vanity vans, everyone around would stand up folding their hands in due respect. And none would take their seats till they take theirs” .

Hence that utmost love and respect has naturally spoiled me, said Taapsee. And also Taapsee concludes saying that she is badly missing all the love and attention.

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