“Talk about sex in public”says top hero

In the so called democratic country of India, over 100 crores of population, how many can dare to speak about SEX in public? not many right? Even in this 21st century, many think that speaking about SEX in public is a sin or a crime. No one can deny this fact .But here goes Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh,who surprised everyone by featuring in a Condom ad ‘Durex’.

Now, the Young Hero appeals people to talk openly about ‘SEX’ instead of treating it as a taboo. He endorses the version that Sex is neither bad nor evil and its a very natural process which is pure and lovely.

This bold and handsome hero Ranveer Singh wonders why in our country SEX is only talked behind closed doors? Why not in Public? He claims to have never understood that why the word SEX is always muted or beeped in movies or in television? Why can’t people talk about it openly when everybody does it?

Any body can answer Ranvir,please do it.

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