‘Telugu Thunders’ at Yesmart KPHB- a Celeb cricket team

telugu thundersHyderabad, July 27th , 2016: Famous premier league is a group of the actors from film and television came formed together to promote the gave and social awareness activities today fpl launched Telugu Thunders Logo and team of Players Mr. Nanda Kishore as Capatian.

On the name of GGCC (go green cricket cup) a match is being decided to play between Telugu Thunders vs Hyderabad Talwars .

The CEO of this FPL Mr. Lohit Actor, Anchor says that very soon this FPL Will Organise matches with all South Indaian Famous Personlities Telugu Thunders, Tamil Talaivas, Kannada kings, Malayali Heros.

Every match will be dedicated to on social cause to bring change in the society though the gave we will be supporting platform, save water, blood donation, win models make India proud etc.

Creating brand promotion as well with more visibility to sponsers to reach to their customers will make every one own this league

Yesmart neelima ceo Anouces Round Trip to Sydney to the man of the match GGCC title Sponser: Suchirindia and Powred by Radio City will be coming out many towards fpl activites mention by ceo lohit

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