Tendulkar walking on Hyderabad roads

TendulkarThis is quite a rare sight which we do not get to see so often. Could you ever imagine at least that Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar walking on the streets in public? That to on Hyderabad roads? Never isn’t i?But this has happened the other day. Check this story out.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar walked back to the ITC Kakatiya Hotel after having lunch at a restaurant in Begumpet on Wednesday just to avoid traffic. The other option to reach IT Kakatiya is covering a long distance through heavy traffic and hence Master preferred the short cut.

Entire policemen and other security personnel felt so happy that none of the motorists or pedestrians couldn’t recognize that he is none other Sachin Tendulkar. Another Cricketer from Hyderabad, Pragyan Ojha accompanied Sachin. Well, of course , who would think that Sachin would be walking on the Hyderabad roads ? What say?

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