TFI bigwigs trying to bring out Swetha Basu?

swetha_basu_prasad_new_ride_movie-1280x960Ever since actress Shweta Basu Prasad has been sent to state rehabilitation home for a three-month term after she was caught in a prostitution racket , many of the top film celebrities have been spending some sleepless nights it seems.
Wonder why? because they fear that their names might get revealed. As per the latest buzz in film nagar, it is learnt that some unknown influential elements are putting tremendous pressure on authorities demanding her release from the rehabilitation center to make sure that she does not leak their names.

Many big guns in Tollywood, politics and business are afraid that if Shweta continues for a longer period in the center, their names will be revealed and they are trying their level best to release her as early as possible. Section 17 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, directs such ‘victims’ to be rehabilitated for a period of not less than one year but Court ordered Shweta to be in state home for three months which is fueling controversy that some influential people want
her out at the earliest.

Shweta as a child artist has won national award and has won accolades for her performance in her first Telugu movie.

Shweta for now is spending time teaching music and English to young children in the state home.

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