TFI suffering huge losses at present

Telugu-film-industryThis is perhaps the biggest break for Telugu Film Industry in recent times. The ongoing tussle between Telugu Film Federation Employee Union (TFFEU) and Telugu Film Producers continues and intensifies. While there are no shootings for the past one week, TFFEU on Sunday issued a fresh notice to producers stating that film shootings should not be held from Monday (today). TFFEU also appealed to film actors to support their cause as they’re battling for the hike in wages of film workers working in various crafts. Although producers are ready to raise 10% of wages, TFFEU is not in a mood to agree and give up its bandh call. It’s been pestering its demand of 35% hike in wages. “The hike was supposed to be implemented from May but it wasn’t, leaving us with no choice but to call for a strike,” shared a member of TFFEU.

With the bandh call by TFFEU, shootings of all big-ticket films have already come to a grinding halt for the past one week. Trvikram-Allu Arjun’s film, NTR-Puri Jagannadh’s film, Pawan Kalyan-Venkatesh’s Gopala Gopala and several other films have been stuck. Fresh shooting schedules have to be reworked, producers need to take new call sheets from heroines and so permissions for the outdoor shooting spots. Delay in the shootings are costing a bomb to producers as the interests by financiers are bound to increase drastically.

Although Baahubali has been allowed to shoot last week with special permission, TFFEU said it’s going to make fresh appeal to the unit of Baahubali to stop the shooting from Monday. TFFEU is firm on halting the film shoots until their demands are met. With this, over Rs 250 Crore is at stake. The loss will be minimized only if Producers Council step up its action and end the deadlock with a logical conclusion. Till then, the loggerheads between TFFEU and producers continues and it disrupts the shootings. Perhaps, this is the biggest break for Tollywood of late.

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