TFPC Suspends Piracy Website Ad Campaigns

As we know that Piracy is a big threat to films across to the film Industry and the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) has been taking stringent measures to eradicate piracy. The latest update is that, TFPC has suspended ad campaigns for the famous website Tamilrockers. Tweeting about the same, TFPC’s post read, “We will chase you out soon @tamilrockers_tv #TFPC”.

To this, Tamilrockers replied with, “Tamil film producer council has suspended all our Ad campaigns, We need donations to run the show, DM us your willingness, we will share our Paypal account. Nothing is free in this world #Tamilrockers #firstdayfirstshow”. And TFPC struck back with a funny Tweet saying, “Ennagaluku vandha mattum thakkali chutney ah? Enna pechu?”.

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