TG Govt aids to Kantharao’s wife

hqdefaultYesteryears popular hero, late Kantha Rao hails from Telangana area. Since his death,his family has been undergoing many financial problems. And this has come to the Telangana Government’s notice through media. And TG Governemnt has immediately responded positively ,which is highly appreciable.
The government of Telangana has passed orders on Wednesday to send an amount of Rs 10,000 every month to Kantha Rao’s wife Ms Hymavathi towards her daily needs.

Kantha Rao’s original name is Tadepalli Lakshmi Kantha Rao. Though he grew under the shadows of two legendary actors NTR and ANR, Kantha Rao has also gained enough popularity of his own with his versatile acting over 400 films. He was popular for portraying Narada role. He received several prestigious awards including Rashtrapati Award for best actor for his role Lakshmana in the blockbuster film Lava Kusha. The government of Andhra Pradesh in 2000 honoured him with Raghupathi Venkaiah Award for lifetime achievement for his contribution to film industry.

As Kantha Rao tried his hand in film production, he has lost all the money. Reason why he has seen a rough phase in his final days,which has become more worse post his death.

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