Thalaiva’s humour absolutely spot on again

Rajinikanth Photos (2)If we can observe Superstar Rajnikanth closely, we can see a witty side of his character too along with his humanity and down to earth nature. Many talk about Rajani’s sense of humour. We have seen that already in a few public gatherings like Robo audio release etc.The way he quickly makes wit with his simple yet meaningful talk is always intriguing and brings lighter vein laughter. In the very same tone, he spoke about Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie too.

When the ace producer of Tollywood, Allu Arvind asked Rajnikanth about his next film, with Lingaa getting for release on 12th December, Superstar has snapped at Arvind with a joke, which has a serious side. ‘Arvind is asking me when I will start my next film. For that to happen, I need a story. First you give a story to megstar Chiranjeevi as he is waiting for it from a long time’, Rajni quipped, bursting everyone into laughs. At the trailer launch function of Lingaa, he made these comments.

With Rajani’s comments,mega camp has to seriously think over it and finalize a story for Chirajneevi,before its too late.

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