That moment when Tamannah lost her cool

tamanna-bhatia-wallpaper-34It is sad that few fans and few media persons take heroines for granted. They keep on irking them with some stupid questions. It is not mandatory that every heroine remains reaction-less all the time. As they are also human beings, one time or the other heroines also might get pissed off . Same incident happened with milky beauty Tamannah the other day, but the way she handled the situation is really appreciable. Read the story.

When this hot lady attended a private event the other day, a journalist posed a question about her Bollywood dreams. As he asked Tamanna about her Hindi movie dreams, she got irked, but still managed to come out of the shell easily. The journalist asked, “What happened to your Bollywood?”, actually pointing at her collapsed plans in the b-town.

Reacting very instantly to that question, Tamannah said “Yes, tell me, what happened to Bollywood? It’s fine nah”, asked Tamanna, as she snapped at the question. But she has cut the topic in no time, continuing to say, “I’ve three films in hand down South including Bahubali, Raviteja movie and Arya’s movie”.

Though Tamannah got irked by that question, that way she handled it tells all the story. Tamannah is known as media friendly artiste, hope she remains the same without any troubles further.

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