That tummy is due to some scrumptious acts

Amala PaulMedia never leaves any opportunity to do some paparazzi stuff to identify if any newly married heroine is conceived. Recently married Malayali beauty Amala Paul has become another curious factor for the media to know if she is pregnant. Hence, all eyes of the media are on this damsel now. Rumours are widely spread recently that Amala Paul is carrying at present.

Reacting on these rumours, “Tummy’s a bit overwhelmed from all the scrumptious action and now the media speculates that I’m havin a baby!! #LMAO. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s jus that I enjoyed Christmas a little bit more this year! This is the second time certain media is presuming this, you shouldn’t worry I needn’t hide things if it happens!!!”

So as Amala herself cleared the air, lets not speculate much about on her pregnancy now. What say folks?

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