The Director wants Gabbar singh not Begger singh

Bye Bye PK fans..!,Bye Bye PK Fans' Will Not Tweet Anything, Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans Says RGV, RGV latest news, RGV New movies, RGVContraversial director Ram Gopal Varma gunned once again with Pawan Kalyan. Eventhough he promised promised not to take on Pawan kalyan or his fans, but he never stood on his words.However he broke his promise and attacked once again today. It is known that yesterday Pawan kalyan on social media requested to all seemandhra MPs on behalf of people to fight for special status.

RGV blasted Pawan Kalyan saying special status will not come with requests but will come with demand. He said people need Gabbar Singh even if it is a flop but not Beggar Singh. He said people need Real Star KTR and not Power Star Pawan kalyan.

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