They don’t have interest in Srinu Vytla’s offer

Srinu-VaitlaFilm Industry is a field which is full of uncertainty. We never know that happens next. Even though you are a successful producer/ director,nothing can save you from the defeat some time in your career. Ace director Srinu Vytla has experienced this with his latest flick “Aagadu”, which turned out to be one of the disastrous films in both Srinu Vytla and Mahesh Babu’s career.
As we all know that, Mahesh has a close association with the makers of 14 reels, Achanta Gopi, Achanta Ram and Anil Sunkara. Srinu Vytla himself introduced these three businessmen to Tollywood. They have seen a success with their very first film ‘Namo Venkatesha”.
Recently this banner received a couple of jolts in the form of 1-Nenokkadine and Aagadu, as two Mahesh Babu’s movies have bombed back to back.
These producers anyway know that 1-Nenokkadine is an experimental movie from Sukumar, but they pinned all hopes on Sreenu Vytla’s mass action entertainer Aagadu. Much to their shock, Aagadu became one of those top ranking disasters in both Mahesh and Vytla’s careers. Realizing that his friends lost huge bets as he delivered something routing and poor, Sreenu Vytla has now offered to direct a film for them for free.
But ’14 Reels’ heads are not immediately rushing to Sreenu’s offer as they have prior commitments to finish including a low budgeted flick with Nani in the lead. There are those who say that Sreenu is catching leaves after fire has engulfed and peeled of the skin completely.

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