They give importance to me: Anushka

AnushkashettyTollywood most happening Heroine Anushka while speaking to the scribles said, “ Actors and actresses predict their successes and failures based on the support given by the audience when the films are released. If there are lots of crowds in the theatres and also a great profit then it is deemed as a successful film.
I will select the story of the film which will be successful. I will know that a film will be successful while the film is getting ready. 95% of my prediction will be correct. I will act with confidence. They write stories keeping me in their minds. The films Arundhati, Bahubali and Rudramadevi were important ones for me.  I am currently acting in Bahubali 2 and Singam 3. Both the films give importance for my roles. I have also been signed for a film titled Bagmati which gives importance for my role.”

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