They Have Assaulted And Forced Her To Have Sex..Bhuvaneswari

A Srilankan native Chandran had filed a Habeus Corpus case against actress Bhuvaneshwari, claiming that his 23-year-old daughter was kidnapped by the actress against the law. As per the case filed by him, the court ordered Bhuvaneshwari to surrender in the court. Bhuvaneshwari appeared before the judges for the hearing yesterday morning (October 31). The court adjourned the case to November 21, asking them to provide enough proof.

Meeting the press post the hearing, Bhuvaneshwari said, “I am unnecessarily being pulled into this case. It is a problem concerning a single individual. The girl had faced sex torture from her cousin, and used to express her feelings to me. But, I didn’t interfere with the problem because I didn’t want to create a ruckus or commotion inside the family.

However, this became a big issue, last month, when her family members assaulted her and forced her to have sex. She escaped and came running to me from Trichy. She pleaded with me to help her, and I had no other options. As a fellow woman, and like a mother, to her, I decided to help her, and wrote separate letters to the CM cell and the Commissioner, stating that the girl is safe with me.

I also called the girl’s family over the phone and informed them about this. They came up to my place and asked her to come, but the girl refused to go with her family. She told that if she goes back to her house, she will commit suicide. This was the issue and nothing else.”

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