This is the last event for me: Disco Shanti

Disco-Shanti(1)No one can believe that its already been one year since the real star Sri Hari passed away. It is heard that after Srihari’s death, the entire family’s spirits have come down and were so dejected it seems. And also one more shocking news that is being speculated that, Srihari’s wife Disco Shanthi is suffering from cancer since a few months it seems. On the first death anniversary of late actor Srihari, his family has recalled their fond memories with him and his philanthropic activities and his wish to see his children settle in film industry. Srihari’s wife and yesteryear actress Shanti said that this would be her last grand event that she’s doing for her Bava. Srihari passed away on October 9, 2013 in Mumbai at Lilavathi hospital while shooting for his supposed Bollywood debut R…Rajkumar (Rambo Rajkumar).
Shanti said, “This is the last grand function that I’m doing for Bava (Srihari). From next onwards, my children will do as they grew up. I always want my kids to study well but Bava wished to see them settle in film industry. Sashank wants to be a film director and Megamsh wants to be a film hero and fulfill their father’s wish.”
Sashank said, “I’ll be a director and my younger brother will be a hero. At the same time, we will continue philanthropic activities initiated by our father.” Srihari had helped several people in industry and outside. He is a mass leader and also a politician. Sirhari had also adopted a few villages in Medchal through his Akshara Foundation, which he had named after their daughter who had died when she was four months old.

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