Title change for Tamil “Baahubali”

Bahubali Movie New PhotoFinally , the makers of “Baahubali” have shown some guts by sticking to the same Telugu title “Baahubali” for the Tamil version too. For your reference, we have already reported that , for Tamil version it was titled as “Mahaabali” earlier. But Tamil audience liked the name “Baahubali” and been referring the film with that name itself. And this had made Rajamouli think twice on the title and finally he has decided to go with the Telugu title “Baahubali” itself.

The sudden name change is said to be strategic marketing strategy from the makers. According to sources, they wish to go with the same ‘Baahubali’ brand name in the Tamil market. This makes the impression of the film more acute and sharp.

Actually, Bahubali is scheduled for a release on 17th April, but as the shooting got delayed, the release date was also pushed back. And the Tamil version date of Bahubali release is announced as 22 nd May. The Kollywood rights of the film have been acquired by Studio Green for a record price recently. Keeravani is composing the music for all the languages.

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