Tollywood celebrities about father on Father’s Day

Fathers-DayAllu Sirish

My Father has alwasys been our inspiration. He always encourages my ideas and never forces his ideas on me. He always advices me accordingly.This is one great thing about him. As a family man he has been the single largest influence in my life.

Mahesh babu

My father has been and will always be my inspiration-my true idol. As a chid actor, I grew up watching his films and when I thought about what I would do after growing up, I decided that I just want to be like him. Because yes, after seeing my father in films from the time, I was born,it was natural path for me to take.


I and my father don’t talk much but both love each other immensely. He always tells his close aides to watch my film so that I could hear. Even I love to hear his words in that manner. My father Rambabu lost huge amounts by giving surety and I wanted to tell him that it was wrong but now I feel that what he did is right as he is happy with whatever he has.

Varun Sandesh

Whatever I achieved it is due to my dad Vijayasarathi. He celebrates my success and motivates me. When my films fail, he encourages me saying I would get many good films. This positive attitude helped me a lot.


My family is my strength and without them I am nothing. My dad never told me to do either this or that but always used to say that I would achieve anything. His encouragement is the secret behind my success.

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