Tollywood Producers Upset With 2.0

A really good trend that is being followed in the Telugu industry where both big and small films are getting a good release window, in turn not affecting one another’s collections. However, the situation in Tamil cinema is not all that chalked out and once in awhile we do see a big film gobble up a smaller film.

As reported earlier Rajinikanth, Shankar and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0, will be releasing in April 2018 and this announcement came in all of a sudden, a couple of days ago. Following this decision by the 2.0 makers, a concerned DVV Entertainments have Tweeted stating that this 2.0 release would affect their Mahesh 24 film’s release and has caused a confusion among Telugu film producers.

Tollywood producers who are very depressed with the decision are openly expressing their displeasure over the date change. ‘Naa Peru Surya’ executive producer Bunny Vas also expressed his displeasure through his Facebook.

“We Respect U R Movie But UR Changing Of Release Dates Effecting Regional-Movies Release Dates A Lot ….Me (Naa Peru Surya Naa Ellu India) And Dhanaya Garu (Bharath Anu Nenu) In Talks For A Understanding ….I Will Take This Issue To Producer Council And Exhibiter Associations Ap & Telangana …We Stand For Our Date Commitment …May This Help Full To Regional Movie Releases In Future Also,” He posted.

DVV Entertainments posted, “Tollywood has always respected and embraced other language cinema. But a bigger project like Robo 2.0 changing their release dates has caused confusion among producers. All the Telugu movie producers who are releasing in the months of Apr and May are in discussions to avoid any competition among ourselves. However, this sudden announcement by ROBO 2 team to release in the month of April has left all the Telugu releases to further confusion. At this juncture, we request the trade bodies to take a conscious call and arrive at an amicable solution. #Mahesh24 #2Point0 “.

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