Tollywood to unite for a special cause

tf1We have seen so many individuals from Tollywood have come forward and extended their help towards deadly Hudhud in different forms of donations. And as per the latest buzz, now its the turn for Tollywood to stand for those ill fated people of Andhra who suffered huge losses due to Hudhud cyclone few days back. Fund Raising is heard once again in the wake of hudhud storm sweeping past Northern Andhra some time back. Hudhud swallowed everything leaving no trace of life for the first time after 1980 floods.

No person or framer can recover for another two decades. All farms be it mango, banana, cocunut was destroyed without any trace. This is the reason why many Tollywood celebrities, industrialists and politicians cutting across regions are contributing generously.

Tollywood till now contributed around 5 crores for AP CM relief fund. But the amount too small to solve the problems and sorrows of people. So Tollywood biggies are discussing a plan to conduct a big fund raising event so that they can get huge amounts for the relief operations.

Nothing is impossible if influential persons like Dasari Narayana Rao, Murali Mohan,Mohan Babu,Chiranjeevi, Ramanaidu join hands. Hope they come toghther and lend a helping hand to hudhud victims and even if they can raise 20 crores it will be helpful for Andhra people.

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