Tollywood’s ‘dirty picture’ on its way?

mainfolder-Others-Madhura Sreedhar-Madhura Sreedhar1 (32)As we said ‘Dirty Picture’, don’t assume that Bollywood’s sensational flick of Vidya Balan “Dirty Picture” is being remade in Telugu again. No, it is not we are discussing about. As per the film nagar buzz, it is learnt that young director and Producer Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is planning an erotic movie in a thriller genre it seems. With a complete new cast, Madhura Sreedhar is planning this boldest movie so far of Tollywood it seems. Tentatively titled Love Sex & Crime, the movie deals with the story of a young girl craving for sex and what forms is the crux of the story.

Director of “Sneha Geetham”, “Its my Love story”, “Back Bench Student”, Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is said to be keeping himself away from this movie as a director but will be producing the movie it seems. Besides this crazy project, Sreedhar will also be producing another film Om Mangalam Mangalam. On other side, Sreedhar is contemplating to start his directorial venture – a dark film on off-field life of an international cricketer reportedly inspired from the real life incidents of former cricketer Sreesanth. Meanwhile, he is also foraying into Bollywood with Maaya as Murder-4 with Mahesh. Looks like 2015 seems promising for Sreedhar.

Lets all wish him for his future endeavours.

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