Top writer gets into food business

Kona VenkatTollywood’s one of the top writers Kona Venkat is very much busy at present with bunch of films in hand. With a successful track record, Kona is cruising ahead working with small heroes and big heroes at a time. And now he seems to be getting into another business . “Kona and Kuchipudi Telugu Ruchulu’ is what the town of Bapatla will be witnessing soon. Kona is setting up this restaurant with another familiar businessman in hotel industry, Kuchipudi Venkat.

Kuchipudi Venkat owns restaurants like Ulavacharau and Kitchen Of Kuchipudi already and he now joined hands with Kona Venkat and establishing “Kona and Kuchipudi Telugu Ruchulu”. The first outlet will be opened soon at Bapatla,which is Kona’s native place.

As Kona already has filled our hearts with his punch dialogues and comedy so far, now he is ready to fill our stomach with some delicious dishes.Get ready to enjoy the taste folks.

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