Tough days ahead for top writers

WR030614_cSince all these years, all top heroes went on making films with routine flicks .But when everyone faced bad results at box office back to back, it looks like all the top stars have opened up their eyes. No one is accepting the routine formula pics anymore. All the heroes are demanding the writers to come up with innovative subjects.

What is Jr NTR saying these days? ‘No routine stories and mass-scripts. Bring me something innovative’. What is Ram Charan demanding? ‘Subjects with better logic, drama and reach’. What is Mahesh looking at? ‘Commercial ingredients sans formulaic stuff’. If these are the demands, what are our writers doing?

Obviously the bunch of big writers in Tollywood are not able to convince these stars like Charan, Mahesh and NTR with their formulaic stories laced with heroine’s glamour and Brahmi’s comedy. Troubled by their demands, many writers are said to be buying DVDs of various foreign films. You might ask, when every cinema is available on internet for download, why do they buy DVDs?

Point is that all the latest movies from English, French and Korean tinsel towns are being watched by everyone nowadays. Only if these writers buy DVDs of film released in 1990s, then they could find an unnoticeable ‘inspiration’.

What an idea sir ji?

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