Trisha about Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu!

Trisha new photos, Trisha latest photos, Trisha latest images, actress Trisha photos, Trisha hot photos, Trisha saree pics, Trisha spicy photos, Trisha picsNow a days Actos/Actresses prefer talking to their fans directly through social net working sites. It’s an exciting process when you look it from a fan’s perspective. To get a direct reply from your favorite star is something that is very special.

Similarly, actress Trisha engaged in a Twitter chat with her fans today evening (23rd October). Few interesting tidbits from this chat session are as follows:

Q1. One word about you?
Ans – Unpredictable

Q2. Working experience in Kodi?
Ans – Challenging

Q3. Fitness mantra?
Ans – Portion control with food

Q4. Pawan Kalyan in one word?
Ans – Unique

Q5. Your recent favorite film ?
Ans – Sultan

Q6. Favorite holiday spot?
Ans – New York always

Q7. Your take on Sivakarthikeyan’s lady look in Remo?
Ans – Hilarious. Great effort

Q8. A question that you hate the most?
Ans – When will u get married. yawn !!

Q9. Favorite Subjects?
Ans – Math and English

Q10. About Mahesh Babu?
Ans – Such a professional and sweet superstar

Q11. How has your film journey been?
Ans – Never a dull moment. Lots of highs,few lows,no regrets

Q12. Favorite comedian?
Ans – Vivek

Q13. Can you cook?
Ans – I can survive

Q14. Who will be the next Trisha
Ans – I’m hoping none 😉

Q15. Your favorite actress?
Ans – Priyanka Chopra

Q16. Your nickname?
Ans – Trash

Q17. Current favorite song ?
Ans – Ariraro from Kodi

Q18. Favorite sport?
Ans – Tennis

Q19. Your thoughts about Ajith Kumar and Shalini Ajith?
Ans – Perfectly in sync with each other ❤

Q20. Your favorite Hollywood hero?
Ans – Leonardo di Caprio

Q21. A word about AR Rahman’s music?
Ans – My everything

Q22. Ever had a crush on your co-star?
Ans – Of course

Q23. Your favorite Vijay film that you were part of?
Ans -Ghilli?

Q24. About Vijay?
Ans – Professional, extremely, gracious, generous

Q25. Type of music you like the most?
Western classical,hip hop and all ofARRs

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