Trisha visits Taj Mahal with her new boyfriend

TrishaWho cares if its just a tomb or who cares if it stands as a symbol of love for the fourth wife of Shajahan? Taj Mahal still stands as one of the 7 wonders of the world, and attracting many love birds from many countries across the globe. Irrespective of any religion, youths in India embrace this love-monument alike. This great monument of 15th century still stands as best gift of love. Taj Mahal not only attracts general public but also attracts many film celebrities . And you what Tamil beauty Trisha did recently? She visited this epic sculpture of love,along with her latest rumoured boy friend in a special charted flight the other day. Check the story out.

Recently, Trisha flown to Agra in a special chartered flight to visit Taj Mahal along with her boy friend ,entrepreneur cum producer Varun Marian. Three best buddies of Trisha also accompanied the couple and all of them posed in-front of Taj posing for cameras to share them on social networking sites. After spending some good time at the Taj Mahal, they all visited to a famous Darga near by and offered prayers. During the entire course, Trisha behaved with Varun as if he is just a good friend of her.

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