Trisha’s intimate pose with new boyfriend

TrishaThis happens only in film industry ,what say folks? It isn’t a month hardly since we listened to the news that Chennai beauty Trisha and Tollywood handsome hunk Dabbubati Rana have broken up. And here is Trisha for you guys, seen in an intimate position posing to shutterbugs with utmost happiness in her eyes.

Well, it is just couple of hours back petite siren Trisha Krishnan has denied getting engaged to film producer Varun Manian. As she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having sparks between them, here comes a picture blowing the hearts and minds of this hottie’s hardcore fans.

The guy hugging Trisha from back in this picture is none other than her rumored bridegroom Varun Manian. We couldn’t figure out if any friend or acquaintance hugs a girl in this way, but surely their posture and chemistry suggests that there is more than friendship between the couple. As both are seen flashing a happy smile and radiance around, the world could now guess how the ‘smoke’ of engagement started billowing into clouds in tinsel towns. What say Trisha?

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