Trivikram Clarified on Lifting the Plot!

Trivikram Srinivas Heart Touching Speech @ A Aa Movie Audio LaunchWords wizzard Trivikram Srinivas’ family entertainer ‘A..Aa..’ which was released last Thursday is mesmerising cinegoers. But there was contraversy riased by critics claimed that the film’s basic plotline was lifted from popular writer Yaddanapudi Sulochanarani’s most popular novel, ‘Meena’.

The other day Trivikram Srinivas clarifed on this issue during A..Aa success meet. He stated that he had approached Yaddanapudi 9 months back and discussed ‘Meena’ story with her. The director said she had given nod to go ahead with the story.

He also added “Some technical problems resulted the omission of her name in the final copy. However, within 48 hours, her name will be incorporated in the title cards of the film. I hope this controversy will be ended with this clarification.”

Whatever it may be Trivikram’s immense popularity, Positive talks this film will stand as career best for Nithin, Trade Pundits analysed.

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