Trivikram compared Pawan Kalyan with God

pktrivikram1_1We all know that how good both powerstar Pawan Kalyan and ace director Trivikram Srinivas have bonded with each other. No introduction needed to describe the friendship between them. Irrespective of they both working together, both Trvikram and Pawan regularly keep in touch with each other.

It was rumoured that Pawan Kalyan would attend “S/) Satyamurthy” audio yesterday but Pawan didn’t turn up to the event. Naturally all Pawan Kalyan fans were very much disappointed. When fans asked him to speak about Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram said: “During a phone conversation we had before coming to this event, Kalyan Garu questioned me what would be my answer if someone asked Me why he didn’t grace the audio launch. I will use an already written dialogue of mine in this context – ‘Ammani, Devudini Choodalante Maname Vellali, Vallani Enduku Pilavatam’. I believe Allu Arjun, Me and S/O Satyamurthy Team will have the blessings of my dear friend Kalyan Garu”.

As we all know the punch of Trivikram;s dialogues, fans went berserk upon hearing the speech of Trivikram about Pawan Kalyan. The words of the film-maker hint that he admires Power-star a lot for various reasons.

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