Trivikram is fond of TV Actress

Trivikram is fond of TV ActressVersatile Actress late Suryakantham created a bench mark for playing mother and mother-in-law roles in Telugu film Industry. So, far no body was there to replace her.
It is tough to find a right actress who can match skills of Suryakantham. But director Trivikram has finally found a replacement for the actress. She is none other than  supporting actress Hari Teja who is popular for her work in TV serials(Manasu Mamatah) and couple of films as well. Hari Teja is playing key role in Trivikram’s upcoming film A..Aa.
Speaking at A..Aa audio event , Trivikram has made special mention about Hari Teja saying she is going to stay here for long. Claiming himself as big fan of Suryakantham Trivikram passed a compliment saying that Hari Teja is his favorite actress and called  her “modern day Suryakantham”

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