Trivikram is in Dilemma!

Nithiin  Samantha Trivikram Film 'A..Aa' Launched Photos (11)Ace Director Trivikram Srinivas always comfortable with his own team. Now he has selected other technicians for his upcoming movie A Aa starring Nithin and Smantha . Trivikrkam has chosen Anirudh Ravichander of “Why this Kolaveri Di” fame, who is famous in Tamil.

With latest contraversy on Beep song along with Young Hero simbu, the Tamil Music director struck in legal issues and he is in no mood to work. No song has been recorded for the movie A Aa and also sound recording itself has not yet started.

The family entertainer comes to close to wrape up the shooting. Trivikram is in a dilemma weather to bring back Devisri or not. It is DSP who is Trivikram’s first choice usually.

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