Trivikram-Nithiin ‘A..Aa’  Theatrical Business Details

A Aa (2)Trivikram-Nithiin- Samantha family entertainer ‘A..Aa’ Pre-Release Theatrical Business has touched nearly 30 crore , which shows Nithin as One of the leading heros. Of course.If included the Prints and Publicity Costs, ‘A..Aa’ will have to collect a share of Rs 33 crore for break-even. This movie has done double the amount what Nithin’s past two releases have earned. Have a look at the details..
A..Aa Pre-Release Business:
Nizam: Rs 7.2crore (Dil Raju)
Ceded: Rs 3.22crore (Gangadhar)
Uttar Andhra: Rs 2.52 crore (AV Cinemas)
Guntur: Rs 2.07 crore (Jayaram)
Krishna: Rs 1.62 crore (Shakti Pictures)
East: Rs 1.89 crore (Anusri Films)
West: Rs 1.36 crore (Usha Pictures)
Nellore: Rs 0.81 crore (Anjali Pictures)
A..Aa AP & Nizam Pre-Release Business: Rs 20.80crore
A..Aa Worldwide Pre-Release Business: Rs 27.45 crore (includes Karnataka: Rs 2.5 crore [Amrutha], Rest of India: Rs 0.5 crore, Overseas: Rs 3.6crore [Blue Sky])

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