Trivikram to rescue his friend Sunil ?

Trivikram151014_1tFor good or bad, he changed his stream from comedy roles to hero roles. And overnight he became a hero with a couple of successful films. But later ones that followed pushed him in dilemma leaving few duds in his kitty. He is none other than noted comedian turned hero Sunil. As he has no value in the market as hero at present, it is learnt that Sunil is thinking of to get back to his main stream comedy soon. Read the story.

Known for his excellent timing in comedy and for his punch dialogues in his own slang, Sunil shot to fame in no time and enjoyed the star comedian status for a few years. Later he turned hero and saw success with films like “Andaala Ramudu” that was released in 2006. But Sunil became a star only when “Maryada Ramanna ” released in 2010, directed by one and only S.S Rajamouli. After that Sunil’ career as hero started fading out with a row of flops .

And as per the latest buzz, it is learnt that Trivikram Srinivas, star director and a very good friend of Sunil is heard to be giving a full length comedy role for his next big film. If it is to be believed, we can say it would be a second innings for Sunil for sure. What say folks?

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