TRS MLA Harsh comments on Mahesh ‘Brahmotsavam’

TRS MLA Harsh comments on Mahesh 'Brahmotsavam' ,Brahmotsavam Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam is one of biggest disasters in 2016. This is big shoc to Mahesh Babu and His fans. When they are tyring  to come out of the failure , a TRS MLA’s ruthless comment hurt the fans.
TRS MLA Rasamayi Balakishan made harsh remarks on the film Brahmotsavam at a recent film related event. He said there is no small or big film. He informed to watch even a small movie, if it will have a potential content.
“Even though I am busy with my professional commitments, I took ticket by standing in queue and watched a film, after hearing good reports about it. In fact, two films Brahmotsavam and Bichagadu released around same time. While Bichagadu had seen Brahmotsavam (grand run) at box office, Brahmotsavam had become Bichagadu (Begger- means flop maker),” said Rasamayi.
See Balakishan jee, you might should be cautious when making comments on others. Rather praising Bichagadu, you have insulted a star hero movie, which hurting the fans

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