Tv Actress caught in Prostitution

Junior-Artist-Anusha-Arrested-In-Prostitution-Case-Serial actress of Kumkuma puvvu serial has caught in Prostitution at Mothinagar Borabanda with few other artists along and caught redhanded in prostituion. When SRNagar police got the information Swathi was raided by the police all of a sudden which she got caught in a compromising position. She along with three others got arrested and taken into custody. It is known fact that a few months back a film heroin Swetha Basu Prasad was caught red handed in a star hotel with a businessman and she was sent to rehabilitation center. In spite of several raiding still the prostitution racket is growing day by day in Hyderabad. The TV artists and heroin?s are behind in running the sex racket to earn quick bucks.

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