TV Anchor committs suicide

TV Anchor committs suicideAnchor Nirosha , who is working for Gemini Music Channel committed suicide by hang herself. Nirosha is living in a working women’s hostel of Sindh Colony in Secunderabad. Her engagement was over and marriage will be happened in the next month. She was talking with her would-be in a video call last night. They got into some heated argument and she told him that she will commit suicide.
And later she did that too by hanging herself to the fan in her room. It is emerging that the entire suicide visuals were also recorded by her. She is just 23 years old. Ram Gopal Peta Police has registered a case on this and are interrogating in to it. Her mortal remains were shifted to Gandhi Hospital and an autopsy will be performed.
The Police are talking to her room mates and others in the hostel to get more details of Nirosha and the possible reasons behind her suicide. The Police will also talk to her colleagues at Gemini Music for further details. Anyways, it’s disheartening to see youngsters’ commiting suicides at a very young ago due to simple issues.She was hailed from a village from Chittoor district, A.P.

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