Upasana respects Charan’s work!

upasanaRam Charan’s wife Upasana, who went along with him, says she has “total respect” for her husband as an actor’s job is not easy.See her post in Twitter.

Upasana Kamineni ‏@upasanakonidela
Guilty weekend pleasure! Chilling while Ram Charan is working 😛 #weekendgoals #RamCharan #Dhruva #hardworkinghusband

Upasana Kamineni ‏@upasanakonidela Nov 12
An actors job is not so easy at all 😓Def prefer working behind a desk. Total respect. #Ramcharan & @Rakulpreet

Upasana accompanies Ram Charan to shoot, and she has been closely following her husband’s rigorous work out and non-stop shooting for “Dhruva”.

Slated to release worldwide on December 2, “Dhruva” is the official remake of Tamil blockbuster “Thani Oruvan”.

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