US Producers gives back Huge sum back to Baahubali makers

more-collections-for-baahubali-in-us-from-24th_b_2107151159Baahubali created sensation all over the world before and after release. It was sold for highest price as 9 Cr. for overseas which was more than any star Hero. Overseas distributor BlueSky Cinemas now paying 4 Cr. more to producers as overflow amount which is not common now a days. Paying Rs.4 Cr after release as overflow might be another record in in overseas distribution as normally distributors don’t pay overflow to Producers. All the local exhibitors who brought this movie in overseas were very happy for making good profits. Exhibitors also appreciating Distributors honesty for paying back additional share to Producers which will develop a strong relationship between Producers and the overseas distributor.

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