“Uthama Villain” nears completion

Kamal-Haasan-OscarKamal Hasan’s upcoming film “Uthama Villain” shooting is completed and the team is busy wrapping up its post production activities. The sound mixing for this film is monitored by Kamal Hasan at Los Angeles, USA. He said that the trailer will be released soon.

“Uthama Villain” is a comedy drama genre movie starring Andrea, Pooja Kumar & Parvathy Nair in the lead roles. The interesting aspect is that Late K.Balachander has appeared in a cameo role in this movie and Kamal is dedicating this film to him.

The multi-talented Kamal Hasan is usually seen doing 2-3 roles in his movies. But in Uthama Villain apart from portaying multiple roles he provided the story and screenplay and is co-producing with director Linguswamy. His other projects are coming up. Stay tuned for more details.

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