“Uttama Villain” grabs everybody’s attention

uttama_villain_tamil_movie_posters_0503140602_011Long awaited movie of versatile hero Kamal Hasan’s “Uttama Villaina” been raising curiosity levels among fans since a long time. And with the first trailer of the movie that is released today, unanimously everybody praising Kamal for putting so many efforts to carve the movie that good.

This first teaser of “Uttama Villain” showcases Kamal in different avatars and shows that there is conflict between people of two different eras. The story switches back between an 8th century drama and a present generation drama where Kamal is a stage-actor in history and a superstar at the moment.

Kamal’s good friend, Ramesh Aravind has directed this movie. The film features Pooja, Andrea and K Viswanath in lead roles. And that was good to see few glimpses of late director K Balachander along with Kamal Hasan in a special role. We all need to wait a few more days to witness what “Uttama villain” has got to offer us.

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