Uttama Villain relase plans changed

Uttama Villain Audio Launch Photos (1)Kamal Haasan’s ‘Uttama Villain’ directed by Ramesh Arvind is creating confusion with conflicting release dates. Earlier filmmakers planned to release the film on April 10th but now they changed their plans. Couple of days back reports came that the film will be released on April 17th. Now latest input is film will be released either on April, 24th or May, 1st. Sources say censor delay is the reason behind the confusion. However the film’s graphics for another 25 scenes is yet to be completed. Though the graphics are supposed to be finished by 27th March, it got delayed. Film stars Pooja Kumar, Adrea Jermiah, Urwasi, Parvathi Menon,Parvathi Nair,Balachander and K.Vishwanath.Ghibran is the music director.

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