Varma Controversial Tweets On Holi!

Indian are enjoying the Festival of colours Holi today with great delight and joy. But contraversial Ram Gopal Varma once again started the day questioning Holi celebrations.He came with the following tweets, questioning Holi celebrations and also the intelligence of those who are celebrating Holi. Here are his tweets.

I doubt even 1 in 120 crore Indians knows reason why Holi is celebrated but they all do becos Bhang needs no reason ..Mera Bharat Mahaan!

Foolishness of festivals is celebrating victory over problems we not even aware of and ignoring both our present problems and solutions .

It is known that RGV recently stirred a hornet next on International Womens Day. He cleverly diverted the attention of people with his controversial tweet asking women to give happiness to men like Indo Canadian Porn Star Sunny Leone. Women organisation, NGOs and even politicians blasted him for his insensitive and insulting comments.

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