Varma Furious On Pawan Kalyan!

This morning, Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan making a strong comment on Ram Gopal Varma and his controversial Tweets. Pawan Kalyan was asked about his response to Ram Gopal Varma’s Twitter comments. “He sometimes posts in favour of me and sometimes against me. But I do not care. He is 50 Plus now. Recently he got married off his daughter. But he still claims about collecting Pornography. What can I talk about such man?,” Pawan Kalyan told the reporters.
But then, a man who never gives up or tolerates criticism, Ram Gopal Varma has hit back Pawan Kalyan in style. He took to Twitter and made a series of Tweets on the issue pushing Pawan Kalyan to the edge mentioning about his three marriages. Here we are mentioning the tweets of Ram Gopal Varma.
“Oka abhimanigaa PK meedha expectationstho maatlaadanu gaani thanu chesukunna 3 pellilla laanti personal vishayalu neneppudoo maatladaledhu. Naa jeevitham naa life style nenaalichinche vidhaanam daakkokunda daachakunda naa pusthakam Naa ishtam lo mottham vippi vippi raasanu. Vaalintlo vaalla gurinchi maatlaadaarani yendamoorini thittaru. Mari vallu vere intlo vaalla gurinchi maatlaadochchaa? Idena vikasam? Nenu thana meedha ishtamtho nijayatheega maatladanu gaani critcise cheyyadaniki kaadani thanu thelusukolekapovatam naa duradrushtam. I wish him,his wife,his children,his family,his Jana sena party and all his fans all the best..Bye (sic)” Ram Gopal Varma posted in his Twitter account.

Many feel Pawan Kalyan just brushed the wrong person on wrong side which is totally unnecessary now.

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