Varma happy with Pawan kalyan comments!

Contraversial director Ram Gopal Varma is always dig at Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans. Now Ram Gopal Varma came with following tweets on Pawan Kalyan and his fans.
If foreign dubbed film is houseful all over and PK’s is not its the loyal responsibility of PK fans to wake up Power Star from his sleep
Meet the small little kid who killed the mega power SARDAR GABBAR SINGH and also RAJA SARDAR GABBAR SINGH.
In a interview Pawan kalyan said Ram Gopal Varma is a unique person and added had he concentrated more on his films than on others, he would have reached new heights. Pawan turned serious and said he considers RGV just another co filmmaker and if not even he has another person inside him. He said even he can talk stripping him apart.
RGV then came with the following tweet.
Watched Pawan Kalyan’s comments on me in TV 9 interview ..Really happy that he understood my true intentions and I love him even more now.

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