Varma takes on Superstar fans!

Bye Bye PK fans..!,Bye Bye PK Fans' Will Not Tweet Anything, Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans Says RGV, RGV latest news, RGV New movies, RGVContraversial director Ram Gopal Varma now left Pawan kalyan and aimed his tweets on Super Star Rajinikanth. Fans of Rajinikanth turned furious and even burnt his effigies. Now RGV blasted Rajinikanth fans comparing them with Pawan Kalyan fans.
Here are his explosive tweets.
Am thrilled that @kamaalrkhan thinks I look more handsome than Rajni sir but Mr.Kamaal shud know the reality of the Great Rajni
All u dumb Rajni fans who are abusing me shud realise that I saw Rajni sirs flop films many more times than even my own hit films
The way they are misunderstanding my tweets, Rajni Sir’s fans seem to be more dumber than Power Star’s fans..Jai Rajni and Jai Power Star
I think people who follow on Twitter more people than who follow them can be defined as lazy bums with nothing better to do
I noticed that people with the least followers tend to be the most obscene and viscious, thus exhibiting an anti social personality trait
If some people who don’t even have 40 followers are following some 400 people it shows they are interested only in other people’s lives

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