Varun Tej gave clarity on Chiru Issue!

Varun Tej gave clarity on Chiru Issue!, Varun Tej latest news, Varun Tej new movies, Varun Tej upcoming projects, Varun Tej latest wallpapers, Varun TejThe other day, Mega Prince Varun Tej made was in trouble regarding  PRO, who openly criticized Chiranjeevi through his social net working pages. The
Mega Prince cleared the air by tweeting , “I by far never had a personal PRO So guys..thank you!”. What does this mean?  Why is this clarity now?
Actually news has come out that both Varun Tej and Saidharam Tej have hired a new PRO, who is earlier a Film Journalist. During his time as a
journalist, this guy made huge offensive comments on Chiranjeevi through his social pages, and openly stated that Chiru is Political Comedian Of The
Year. And now that Varun is hiring the same guy, fans gave a retort to him on twitter.
That is why Varun Tej cleared the air with his tweet.

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