‘Vasham’ A Telugu Crowdfunded Feature film by IIT,IIM Grads:

A 30 teaser depicting the theme of of this psychological
thriller is released today.
If I told people that they can travel thousands of kilometers
in an hour or we can create light (electricity ) people would
have said that it is magic. So if we know the answer it is
‘Science’ else it is Magic. Actually science itself is a
subset of Philosophy
What if someone dared to find the Yogis in Himalayas and also
few scientists and discovered the concept of controlling
energies! He can control the five basic elements and can
control humans. Can A man control the limitless less power he
possess? ‘Vasham’ deals with this subject
The team says it did a lot of reserach on Kundalini, and the
effect of few chemicals and musical notes on brain cells to
come up with this concept.
Challa Srikanth directed this film under the banner ‘Shuka
Entertainments’ and the film completed its postproduction
recently and is getting ready for censor works.
They are planning to release the film this November and are
also planning to Dub the film in Tamil and Malayalam after
Krishneswar rao, Vasudevrao, Sweta Varmaa, Nanda Kishore,
Vimal, Gayatri Bhargavi, Raj mudiraju
Camera: Durga Kishor & Ravikiran , Editing : Satya , Music
Dr. Josyabhatla , Lyrics : Chakravarthula , Story-Screenplay
: Rohit Mishra, Srikanth Challa Direction: Srikanth Challa

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