Venkatesh Depends on Nayan’s Craze!

Babu Bangaram Movie New Posters ,Babu Bangaram Movie New Wallpapers,Babu Bangaram Movie,Babu BangaramVenkatesh and Nayantara’s ‘Babu Bangaram’ is all set for a grand release on August, 12th and it is being dubbed into Tamil, titled as ‘Selvi’. Due to Nayanatara’s craze in Tamil, the title is apt for Tamil people.
August, 12th is the best date of the year as there is a long weekend in the first week due to Independence day holiday on Monday and another holiday as Rakshabandhan special in the first week itself. And then there are about two weeks holidays for Krishna and Guntur district schools and colleges due to Krishna Pushkaralu.

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