Vidyabalan Nihar Naturals # I Am Capable national report

Rubi-Ghosh-along-with-Actor-Vidya-Balan-and-Harshni-Kanhekar,-First-Woma...Vidya Balan released the Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable national report. As a brand, Nihar always stood for the inner-voice of women and has supported a progressive life for them. This time, Nihar took upon the task of making Indian women realize that, “Appearance cannot be a tool to judge a woman’s capability”. In order to sensitise women about their inner capability through a powerful medium that would immediately resonate with them, Nihar Naturals launched the #IAmCapable report, a national study commissioned to Nielsen. The report highlights a limiting bias faced by Indian women today – 64% of Indian women state that judgementspassed on them has affected their ability to reach their true potential. TheNihar Naturals initiative, commissioned this research to bust some commonly held judgements regarding a woman’s appearance and her ability.

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