Vikram shows his commitment for Telugu dubbing

Vikram_Thaandavam-Profile“Aparichitudu” is one film that shows the stamina of Chiyaan Vikram as an actor. And of course “Raavan” too has pulled out the best in him. And now with Shanker’s ‘I ‘ Vikram is getting ready to do the magic with his mesmerizing acting soon.
This 100 crore magnum opus still has loads of visual effects work to be finalized and might hit only a month later but not around Diwali. As director Shankar is busy guiding creative teams to extract the best of VFX, Vikram landed up in Hyderabad to finish the dubbing part. Our talented hero is dubbing for himself in Telugu, especially for a role where he will be seen as a hunchback. (a ‘kurupi’ kind of).
While shooting for this role, Vikram has uttered different modulation to match body language of the hunchback. Now that he is dedicated to bring that vivaciousness to character himself, he took to sound recording studio to dub the Telugu track. That’s called commitment.
After ‘I ‘ release, can Vikram stands as an example for other Tamil heroes who still depend on others for their dubbing in Telugu films? Let’s see.

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