Vikram’s ‘I’ is dubbed into Chinese too?

Vikram_Thaandavam-ProfileExcluding Bollywood flicks, no other Indian cinema has got that market to collect gross over 100 Crore. In that case, how can we expect a South Indian Cinema to htt 150 Crore mark? This is not because of a film’s hit content or actors in it, but our market is quite limited and not all theatres are multiplexes such that many screens will be allotted for a single film. Irrespective of these factors, director Shankar is chalking out plans to amass 150 crores for his upcoming magnum opus “I”.

If the content is weak in the film, no Superstar can save the film. And that was proved by Rajankikanth’s “Lingaa” recently,which fumbled big time at the box office due it its weak content. On those lines, Shankar is a believable director as his scripts will have universal appeal in detail and mass appeal in particular. Still it will be tough to rake in such moolah. Expecting these market variations, Shankar is now planning to release his movie in China too.

When we asked about the updates of ‘I”, a source shared that “Many parts of I are shot in China, and their culture is much close to Indian culture. So we are planning to dub movie in Chinese and release it one same day. Dubbing work is going on right now”. Considering all this, it should not be a problem for ‘ I ‘ to collect 150 Crore Gross world wide. Lets wait and see.

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